Color-Trek, Inc
Digital & Screen Printing
"Impressions That Work"
v 2.0
Color-Trek Digital and Screen Printing Facility near Minneapolis, MN

Our ability to take a project from conception to completion is one of the characteristics that really sets us apart. Each of the following are services that we perform in-house to finish our projects and make them ready for delivery:
  • Die Cutting on our 32"x45" Brause
  • Paper Cutting on (2) Seybold Cutters
  • Laminating (Transfer Adhesive & Film)
  • Sewing on our (2) sewing lines
  • Grommet Pressing (Manual and Pneumatic)
  • Kits/Heat Sealing
We also offer drop-shipping via UPS and expedited local delivery through several courier services.
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UPS Drop Shipping