Color-Trek, Inc
Digital & Screen Printing
"Impressions That Work"
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Color-Trek Digital and Screen Printing Facility near Minneapolis, MN

Unlike some of the smaller print shops out there, Color-Trek can design, print, finsh, package, and ship your entire project. Whether you only need one of our services or all of them, Color-Trek prides itself on being a one-stop shop for your printing needs.

Because we offer both large format digital printing and large format screen printing, we have the ability to print on a virtually limitless selection of materials. And thanks to 30 years of experience, we can foresee most potential problems long before the ink ever hits the substrate.

As a result of rapid advances in technology, the list of what we can do continues to grow. Contact Us today to learn more about the exciting new types of printing we are doing and how we can apply them to your business.

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